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Big Things are Happening at the NRA Show!

Stop by NRA Show Booth 4822 to learn about all the big things that are happening with Electro Freeze! The First Fully Integrated 9 Flavor Soft Serve Machine The Sweet Choice freezer featuring Fuzionate technology gives customers the ability to choose from nine flavors of frozen dessert from this single machine. The flavors aren’t just […]

Happy Frozen Yogurt Month

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Month

June is National Frozen Yogurt Month, so all of us at Electro Freeze would like to present you with some facts, trivia, and other interesting things about frozen yogurt or froyo! Health Benefits of Frozen Yogurt People are trying to eat healthier, but that doesn’t mean they want to give up their sweets. Luckily, frozen […]

Add flavors to your menu of frozen treats

Equipment for the Frozen Treat Industry

There are a lot of different pieces of equipment that are used in the frozen treat industry from ice cream to froyo to custard and other machines. Here is a quick rundown of some popular pieces of equipment.  Batch Freezer  A batch freezer is designed to make hard-packed ice cream. The ice cream mix is […]

What is custard?

What is Frozen Custard?

Everyone is familiar with ice cream, but what is frozen custard? As this delicious treat moves from places like Wisconsin to the rest of the country, some people may not know much about frozen custard. Ice cream and frozen custard have more in common than they don’t, but those differences make a big difference. There […]

Fuzionate 9-flavor machine

Turn Flavors Up To 9!

Sometimes the hardest part about loving ice cream or frozen yogurt is deciding which flavor to choose! Fortunately, Electro Freeze has you covered with our 9 Flavor Fuzionate (44RMTFB).       Even if you don’t have a lot of room for equipment, the Fuzionate offers nine flavors in a small space. The machine is […]

Electro Freeze ice cream

A New Way to Keep Cool

ElectroFreeze is proud to introduce our newest innovation, the B12E and B24E Batch Freezer! This freezer is perfect for grocery stores, micro creameries, Italian Ice stores, artisan ice cream stores, and more. The B12E and B24E have a wide selection of features Oversized Feed Hopper Cam Door Latch UL Guarding Rinse Hose Adjustable Shelf Integrated […]