raspberry sherbet in a glass bowl

What’s the Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet?

What’s the Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet? As the classic song goes, “You say tomato, I say tamato …” but does the same apply to the frozen treats sorbet and sherbet? Are they just two ways of saying the same thing?  The short answer is no. Sorbet and sherbet are two similar, but distinctly different […]

B24E - 26 Quart Batch Freezer

What Is A Batch Freezer?

What Is A Batch Freezer? You’ll find batch freezers in commercial kitchens or restaurants, but what exactly is a batch freezer? In the frozen treat world, batch freezers are one of the most vital pieces of equipment. A batch freezer allows large quantities of ice cream to be produced. Batch freezers aren’t just limited to […]

trio of margarita glasses

Celebrate National Margarita Day

Celebrate National Margarita Day The cold days of mid-winter are a great time to think of warm weather and beach locations – hence the reason National Margarita Day was created. Celebrated on Feb. 22, the day celebrates “good friends, good times and someplace warm.” Margaritas have wide appeal in the US The classic margarita is […]

Choosing a Frozen Dessert Machine

Choosing a Frozen Dessert Machine Deciding to offer frozen desserts at your restaurant or store is an easy decision, however, choosing the right machine can be a little more difficult. Electro Freeze has some tips to help you choose the right frozen dessert machine for your business. There are a variety of machines, so we […]

Frozen Yogurt’s Popularity Soars

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly turning to frozen yogurt, also known as “froyo.” Electro Freeze has the equipment to make your frozen yogurt customers happy. Yogurt has been a dietary staple for the past 5,000 years. Food researchers can trace yogurt’s history to the Middle East and India. Frozen yogurt created  in the 1970s As a […]

New Year, New Ice Cream Business?

A new year, a new decade, and a new business venture? Is 2020 the year you want to start an ice cream business? Electro Freeze machines and the Electro Freeze ice cream training programs can get you started. Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in America. The International Dairy Foods Association estimates […]