What Is A Batch Freezer?

You’ll find batch freezers in commercial kitchens or restaurants, but what exactly is a batch freezer?

B24E - 26 Quart Batch FreezerIn the frozen treat world, batch freezers are one of the most vital pieces of equipment. A batch freezer allows large quantities of ice cream to be produced.

Batch freezers aren’t just limited to ice cream, either. They can be used to make gelato, Italian ice, sherbet, sorbet or frozen custard.

A product mix, also known as a “base” is frozen and whipped in a batch freezer to create a silky smooth consistency.

Batch freezers are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses because they’re designed to allow users to produce varying volumes of frozen product.

How Does a Batch Freezer Operate?

The product mix is poured into a cylindrical barrel in the batch freezer. The barrel is surrounded by pipes containing a freon and water solution, which is used to freeze the product.

When operating, spinning blades churn and mix the product base. At the same time, air is injected. The combination of air (known as “overrun”) and freezing conditions produces a smooth texture.

Electro Freeze Makes Batch Freezers to Fit Your Needs

At Electro Freeze, our Made In America batch freezers are perfect for your needs. Electro Freeze has been manufacturing quality frozen treat machines since 1929.

Superior engineering, product innovations, sturdy construction, quality craftsmanship, and dependable performance are Electro Freeze hallmarks.

We offer 12- and 26-quart batch freezers which feature:

  • Cam door latch to provide quick interior access
  • Exclusive auger design to gentle blend, reducing agitation and maintaining product quality and consistency
  • An auger and dispensing head design that provides excellent product extraction and less flavor overlap
  • Built-in faucet with flex hose for fast and easy cleaning
  • Digital timer with an audible alarm
  • Optional variable speed overrun and viscosity control
  • Extra-large discharge chute and oversize feed hopper for quicker dispensing of product
  • Superior service support backed by a worldwide distributor network

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