Sometimes the hardest part about loving ice cream or frozen yogurt is deciding which flavor to choose! Fortunately, Electro Freeze has you covered with our 9 Flavor Fuzionate (44RMTFB).




Even if you don’t have a lot of room for equipment, the Fuzionate offers nine flavors in a small space. The machine is easy to operate, all it takes is the push of one button to select the flavor and dispense the product. The ease-of-operation continues with the set-up portion of the machine. The syrup adjustments are easy to make and there are no complicated attachments.

But don’t let the ease of this machine make you think it can’t hold its own against bigger and more complicated equipment. It can handle high volumes of product and can dispense a wide variety of frozen treats.

Fuzionate Can Serve Your Favorite Frozen Items

  • Ice Cream
  • Custard
  • Sorbet
  • Italian Ice
  • Yogurt
  • Gelato

We’ve teamed up with several syrup suppliers, providing you with a large selection of flavors for your machine. You can customize your offerings as you wish, making your treats your own.

Whether you are looking for a machine for your ice cream store, cafeteria, buffet, or other high traffic location, the 9 Flavor Fuzionate is ready to help you make some happy customers!

The Fuzionate is Reliable and Convenient

Electro Freeze has been making frozen treat machines since 1929, so we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. We’ve worked hard to make our equipment easy to use and maintain and they take up only as much space as needed. With dimensions of 24″W x 33″L x 70″H, the Fuzionate is easy to place just about anywhere.

Contact the experts at Electro Freeze to help expand your profits, raise your ROI, and satisfy your customers. We offer everything you need in a frozen treat machine with quality equipment, marketing materials, and an efficient service and support team. We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed!