The Rise of Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

dairy free ice creamBetween an increase in the number of people choosing vegan diets and others having an intolerance to lactose, we are seeing unprecedented growth in dairy-free frozen desserts. It used to be that a person had to either special order their product or visit a grocer that specifically catered to the vegan crowd to enjoy dairy-free products. You can now find a wide variety of products that are high in protein and low in calories, yet are dairy-free while tasting delicious!

A Rise in Vegan Ice Cream

The organization, TechNavio, issued a report that stated the Americas dominated the global vegan ice cream market with a +/-45% share. There are a couple of components driving this growth.

Millennials are looking for a better, healthier diet and clean label ingredients. According to Packaged Facts’ report, 33% of American frozen treat consumers are looking for more functional benefits. The vegan ice cream market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9% through 2022. The vegan population is growing globally as more people are concerned with their health and the environment.

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Opportunities to Enter the Dairy-Free Market

As the number of products grows, there is more confusion for the consumer as they try to work through all of the options. Sales of private label frozen treats have grown over the last 20 years as consumers have realized that they are as good as the name brand frozen desserts.

Make sure you are taking advantage of this growth in dairy-free frozen treats. Offer selections such as gelato that uses coconut milk as a base. If you offer options that are vegan-friendly and free from dairy, GMOs, artificial ingredients, and high calories, you will open your business to a whole new group of customers.

Let Electro Freeze help you offer dairy-free frozen treats from your business. Contact us to learn more!