Electro Freeze is the leader in the design and innovation of soft-serve freezers.

Electro Freeze firsts include:

  • Child eating ice cream with balloons behind himFirst soft-serve freezer to dispense a “twist.”
  • First “cabinet” style pressurized freezer.
  • First slush freezer to use a neutral base
  • First mixer developed to blend cookies and candies with soft serve
  • First Peristaltic style pressurized freezer.
  • First 9 Flavors in 1 machine.

Electro Freeze has decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of soft-serve equipment which began in 1929.

Electro Freeze equipment offers reliable performance day after day. Our models are designed to be simple to clean, easy to operate, and effortless to maintain.

Customer Support
Electro Freeze provides attentive after-sales service. Each freezer is backed by our nationwide distributor organization. Our distributors have a network of factory-trained service technicians to provide you with timely service when you need it.

Flexible to your needs
ice cream treatsElectro Freeze offers a wide selection of models. Over the years we have worked closely with operators to develop a broad range of models that meet the specific needs of each market.

National accounts
Electro Freeze provides national accounts with frozen treat equipment that produces constant profits under demanding conditions. This quality equipment is known for standing the test of time.