Stop by NRA Show Booth 4822 to learn about all the big things that are happening with Electro Freeze!

The First Fully Integrated 9 Flavor Soft Serve Machine

The Sweet Choice freezer featuring Fuzionate technology gives customers the ability to choose from nine flavors of frozen dessert from this single machine. The flavors aren’t just tipped on the edges, they are fully incorporated into every bite of soft serve!

New Genesis Series Soft Serve Models

These reliable soft serve machines come with the Virtual Quality Management System and Genni the App! Manage your product quality and monitor your business with the touch of your finger.

New 5 Flavor Frozen Coffee Concept

The 5 flavors frozen coffee machine is perfect for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and high volume shops. It makes it easy to perform flavor change-outs to make seasonal menu development operationally efficient and profitable.

New Concepts for QSRs, Convenience Stores, and Grocery Store Foodservice

Electro Freeze is proud to present the Dannon Frozen Yogurt Branding Program with frozen dessert stations and kiosks. You can add a new profit center to your business smoothly, with no complications, backed by the expertise and support of our proven nationwide distributor and service team!